Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites
Community of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and St. Teresa of Jesus
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati Secular Discalced Carmelites Calendar

2018 OCDS Calendar of Saints and Events

January 2018

            January 3:  St. Kuriakos Elias Chavara, priest, optional memorial
            January 8:  St. Peter Thomas, bishop, optional memorial
            January 9:  St. Andrew Corsini, bishop, optional memorial
            January 27:  St. Henry de Osso y Cervello, priest, optional memorial
            January 28:  Regular monthly meeting

            February 25:  Regular monthly meeting


            March 19:  St. Joseph, Spouse of the Virgin Mary, principal protector of our Order
            March 25:  Regular monthly meeting


            April 1:  Bl. Nuno Alvares Pereira, religious, optional memorial
            April 17:  Bl. Baptiste Spagnoli of Mantua, priest, optional memorial
            April 18:  Bl. Mary of the Incarnation, religious, optional memorial  
            April 22:  Regular monthly meeting
            April 23:  Bl. Teresa Mary of the Cross Manetti, virgin, optional memorial


            May 16:  St. Simon Stock, religious, optional memorial
            May 22:  St. Joachina de Vedruna de Mas, religious, optional memorial
            May 25:  St. Mary Magdalene de' Pazzi, virgin, Memorial
            May 27:  Regular monthly meeting


            June 7: Bl. Anne of St. Bartholomew, virgin, Memorial
            June 12: Bl. Alphonsus Mary Mazurek OCD, priest and martyr, optional memorial
            June 14: Bl. Maria Candida, optional memorial
            June 24: Regular monthly meeting


            July 13: St. Teresa of Jesus de Los Andes, virgin, optional memorial
            July 14: Fast Day for OCDS  (may be anticipated; no fasting on Sundays)
            July 16: Solemn Commemoration of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel, Solemnity
            July 17: Bls. Teresa of St. Augustine and Companions, virgins and martyrs, optional memorial
            July 19: Fast Day for OCDS
            July 20: St. Elijah, Prophet and our Father, Feast
            July 23: Our Lady, Mother of Divine Grace, Memorial
            July 24: Bls. Maria Pilar, Teresa, and Maria Angeles, virgins and martyrs, optional memorial
            July 24: Bl. Maria Mercedes Prat, virgin and martyr, optional memorial
            July 26: Sts. Joachim and Anne, parents of the Virgin Mary, secondary protectors of our Order,
                        optional memorial
            July 27: Bl. Titus Brandsma, priest and martyr, optional memorial
            July 28 (for OCD): Bl. John Soreth, priest, optional memorial


            August 7: St. Albert of Trapani, priest, Memorial
            August 9: St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein), martyr, optional memorial
            August 16: Bl. Maria Sagrario of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, virgin and martyr, optional memorial
            August 18: OCD Martyrs of the French Revolution, priests, optional memorial
                        Bl. John-Baptist Duvernell
                        Bl. Michael Aloysius Brulard
                        Bl. James Gagnot
            August 25: St. Mary of Jesus Crucified, virgin, optional memorial
            August 26: St. Teresa of Jesus' Transverberation, optional memorial for OCDS
            August 26: Regular monthly meeting


            September 1: St. Teresa Margaret Redi, virgin, Memorial
            September 12: Bl. Mary of Jesus, virgin, Memorial
            September 17: St. Albert of Jerusalem, bishop and lawgiver of Carmel, Feast
            September 23: Regular monthly meeting
            September 29:  Fast Day for OCDS  (may be anticipated; no fasting on Sundays)

                October 1: St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face, virgin and doctor, Feast
           October 13:  Fast Day for OCDS  (may be anticipated; no fasting on Sundays)
           October 15: St. Teresa of Jesus, virgin and doctor, Solemnity

           October 18 - 21:  OCDS Congress, Polaris Hilton, Columbus, OH  (Event is full.)
           October 28: Regular monthly meeting


                 November 2:  Bl. Luke of St. Joseph and Companions, priests and martyrs,
                    (31 Carmelites out of 498 Spanish martyrs beatified in 2007 by
                     Pope Benedict XVI), optional memorial
            November 5: Bl.  Frances d'Amboise, religious, optional memorial
            November 6: Bl. Josepha Naval Grbes, virgin, optional memorial
            November 7:  Bl. Francis Palau y Quer, priest, optional memorial
            November 8:  St. Elizabeth of the Trinity, virgin, memorial
            November 13:  Fast Day for OCDS
            November 14:  All Carmelite Saints, Feast
            November 15:  All Carmelite Souls, Commemoration

            November 18:  Annual Day of Recollection, Rites of Initiation and Advancement
                        Archbishop Leibold Home, Little Sisters of the Poor, Riddle Road, Cincinnati, Ohio
                        8:30 a.m.  until 4:45 p.m.  (Visitors are welcome to attend and must register with

                        Mrs. Edie Bennett, President (513-324-1275).
            November 19: St. Raphael Kalinowski of St. Joseph, priest, Memorial
            November 29: Bls. Denis and Redemptus, martyrs, Memorial


                 December 9: Regular monthly meeting
          December 11: St. Maria Maravillas of Jesus, OCD, virgin, optional memorial
            December 13: Fast Day for OCDS
            December 14: St. John of the Cross, priest and doctor, Solemnity
            December 16: Bl. Mary of the Angels, virgin, optional memorial